Getting a Survey Plan for a GTA Building Permit

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Building a new home is just one of the many reasons people are required to attain a building permit. From additions, landscaping features, erecting sheds, and even demolishing existing structures, the first step will be applying for a building permit. You’ll need a survey plan for building permits in the GTA.

A land survey, or survey plan, is a document that clearly illustrates the exact dimensions of the property in question, including the precise location of boundaries and any structures that may already be in place. In many cases, a land survey will be included with the purchase of a home, but they can also be acquired through reputable firms in the industry. Simply do a quick search for the address of the property and download.

A building permit is mandatory for countless developments taking place on privately owned property. The first step for projects in and around Toronto will be acquiring a survey plan for a building permit in the GTA. They’re easy to find and are the perfect place to start your project.
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For anyone looking to develop their land in the GTA, a building permit will be required. One of the first things you’ll need to provide in order to obtain a building permit is a land survey plan. A survey plan for a building permit in the GTA isn’t as difficult to get as you might expect.


For most people, the easiest way to get a land survey is to search the online database where the GTA leading survey firms have uploaded their plans. It’s as easy as inputting the address of the property in question and downloading the results for a nominal fee. If the property you’re searching for doesn’t pop up immediately, a team of researchers can be hired to scour the internet and private survey libraries open only to those in the industry. Once found, you’ll be told how to acquire it.

New Surveys

While millions of land surveys can be found online, not every parcel of land is in a database yet. Not only that, you may be in a situation where you are required to produce a new, up-to-date survey. In this case you’ll need to commission a new survey from a land survey firm.
Getting a survey plan for a building permit in the GTA is easy. More often than not, an existing plan can be found in an online database. If a plan can’t be found, having a professional survey done is a painless procedure. Get your project off to a fast start by being prepared when applying for a building permit.

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